New Season Summer 2016 Girls Designers Collection


If you are in search of comfy yet stylish clothes for your precious one, here are some tips that might help you make the right choice. A number of designers such as Monnalisa, Stella McCartney Kids, Kenzo, Fendi and others offer a wide variety of colors and shapes embodied in fashionable and trendy clothes for different occasions. A dressy outfit by Monnalisa represents a wonderful combination of colors and will be a nice choice if you are going to a Birthday party or some special event. It represents a bright red dress and a long-sleeved shirt embellished with a beautiful and colorful print. Such an outfit can be combined with some pretty pair of shoes or sandals, which will make the outfit of your child complete. Stella McCartney Kids offers a wide range of colorful T-shirts with bright sleeves and beautiful prints. Kenzo offers a nice little white dress that is embellished with an unusual decorative element at the bottom. Another option would be a brick-yellow spotted dress by Fendi. It would be a nice addition to your girl’s wardrobe. Brick-yellow shorts by Lili Gaufrette are a must-have item for a hot summer day. They will make your child feel comfortable during the day and will ensure maximum freedom of movement during strolls around the neighborhood. The Molo brand offers a brightly colored flowery skirt that will lighten up the wardrobe of your child. It can be combined with a pair of durable sandals by Gucci that represent a truly unique creation in terms of quality and looks. All the above will brighten up the outfit of your little fashionista and make her look great and feel good disregarding the circumstances. Check out the most recent collections of Monnalisa, Fendi, Kenzo and Simonetta to find something truly adorable for your precious one.

If you find inspiration in fashion and want your child to wear the best-fitting and best-looking clothes, you are welcome to look through the collections of Simonetta, Monnalisa, Fendi, Stella McCartney Kids and many other designer brands that offer lovely outfits for girls. One of the outfits you might wish to choose for your princess is a frilly red dress added with a long-sleeved white shirt featuring a colorful print and a number of cute little details. Such an outfit is presented by Monnalisa and is intended for wearing both at special occasions and on a daily basis. Kenzo also has a wide choice of dresses. A white dress with a brightly colored print would be a good choice for a hot summer day. Stella McCartney Kids provides young fashionistas with colorful and bright T-shirts featuring lovely patterns and available in different color combinations. Lili Gaufrette offers light summer shorts available in brick-yellow color. Laura Biagiotti Dolls provides young girls with a burst of bright colors embodied in a white shirt and trousers. Fendi has a nice collection of dresses available in different colors including fashionable brick-yellow color. The dress is especially designed for making your child feel comfortable and look great at the same time. Molo is also keen about making clothes as colorful as possible. A white skirt with yellow flowery pattern would be a good choice for a summer outfit. As for the footwear, Gucci provides a pair of lovely and durable white shoes that your little girl will surely fall in love with. Simonetta offers a feminine look embodied in a flowery-patterned T-shirt made of the softest fabric and available in different color combinations. All the above will definitely diversify the wardrobe of your little fashionista. Don’t hesitate to make the right choice. Let your child’s dreams come to life!

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